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NACM Gulf States is dedicated to its business-to-business credit granting membership and deeply committed to the very best in government representation, professional certification and education, service and products for the credit & financial profession.
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"...I have even begun to realize all that the NACM offers. Having meager beginnings in this line of work and stumbling into the industry that I am a part of has opened my eyes to the strength and stability that can be granted through hard work and knowledge. It is obvious through my own research and with the help of experienced members such as yourselves that I have been humbled with all this organization has to offer and hope to continue to strive to be better. To begin my journey I have quoted Lord Tennyson, words which embody my ambition: 
"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."  Thank you again,
Steven J. McQueen Jr., Accounts Receivable
Dyke Industries - New Orleans